In simple terms, my life changed in the most positive way when I started working with David. I don’t say this lightly.

His laid back, yet very disciplined coaching style was a breath of fresh air in this saturated world of personal development. We very clearly outlined what it was I wanted in life and business, and through our time together, he held me accountable to the highest standard in reaching my milestones and ultimately my goals. But what is fascinating about David’s work is that he brought out in me something that was deeply important to me, but I had abandoned for years. David not only guided me to my goals, but I would consider something much more important, and that was to be engaged in life’s most important (and too often forgotten) pursuits, to play and have fun.

“Don’t forget to have fun along the way” was a common theme every week and the thing was, this was the exact mindset I needed to help me reach my goals. It was the mindset and action that pushed me through that plateau I was stuck at and towards the mountain peak I was seeking.

In our time together, there was tons of breakthroughs, chills and laughter.

David stands on his own as a master of his craft and a man who wants to see you succeed probably more than even you do! He changed my life and will do the same for you… I put my words and reputation on it.

Travis Barton


I recently had the pleasure of participating in David’s Play Two Win Coaching Programme. At first I was quietly sceptical of coaching, it has never been something that I have participated in, nor did I ever think of doing so. However, my career came to a point where I felt like I needed someone to spur me on, someone to answer to and I had seen the benefit of conversing with a neutral individual.

At the point I began coaching, we were at the very beginning of a growth stage with my business. I considered if I had the time for coaching, whether it would be time well spent or whether or not it would work at all!

Having completed the Play Two Win Programme, I can say that it works! Like anything, you get out, what you put in. I’ve had some brilliant results both professionally and personally and can’t wait to start another game.

 Kind Regards

Phil Rennie BSc MCITP

Operations Manager